our merino

at mello merino we use premium merino wool fibre. merino wool is an incredibly unique year-round fibre that insulates against cold, yet keeps you cool in warm weather, clever eh! It remains breathable and luxuriously soft against the skin in all weather conditions. that's why we choose to be mello 'merino'.
merino wool is the ideal material to create sustainable, slow fashion - it’s a completely natural fibre that is both biodegradable and renewable. it’s the best choice for your child and the environment. mello merino garments are produced in a way that respects our environment. our clothes are produced using material and methods that are harmonious to the natural world.
highly breathable and quick drying, each fibre of merino wool actively wicks moisture from the skin and then desorbing to the atmosphere, leaving you dryer and more comfortable. merino fibre will absorb up to 35% of its own weight in water before feeling wet, much greater than synthetic fibres.
we only use beautiful fine merino wool fibres, making clothes soft, gentle and not irritating against delicate skin. it’s skin loving and hypoallergenic. merino wool fibre has a silky outer layer, creating an extremely soft, fine texture. our merino fabric is comfortable to wear against even the most sensitive skin without itch, especially kids who suffer from eczema or allergies.
merino wool can react to changes in your body temperature and the environment. it’s a thermos genius. merino fibres are naturally insulating, keeping kids nice and toasty when it’s cold, and has the ability to release moisture to keep them cool and comfy in warmer conditions.

caring for mello merino garments is easy peasy! being made with breathable fabric means airing a mello garment for a few hours is usually enough to refresh and renew from 'kid' odours! when it does need to be cleaned, it is completely machine washable. the durability of our fabric means it will keep its shape for years. merino wool dries super-fast, making it perfect for busy families. it is also static resistant, so it picks up less dust, making it an excellent option for little ones with asthma or allergies.