Our Promise

to bring you honest, sustainable and long-lasting fashion with minimal impact on the environment. mello merino cares about everyone involved, at every stage of our production. from the merino sheep, to our farmers, knitters, and makers. our garments are safe for the environment and the kids that wear them. 

to bring you beautifully designed and thoughtfully created children's clothing. clothing to represent freedom of choice, freedom to be who you want to be and freedom to move. 

to create for the greater good. mello merino wants to do and be more. we want to support initiatives that impact and matter to us and our communities. 

we here at mello merino are proud to be conscious producers of fashion taking a mindful and considered approach to our garment production and business practice. 

mello merino strives to be a transparent business. we know exactly where our garments are being made. we do not use agents or outsourcing. we take responsibility for the whole ecosystem.