Mini Sleep Sack designed in NZ

the perfect sleeping bag to keep your baby safe, warm and sleeping for longer! made from our incredible organic cotton / merino wool blend, perfect for regulating your babies body temperature.

benefits of mello merino sleeping bags

Our mini sleep sack is designed in New Zealand and will keep your baby safe, warm and sleeping sound. It is made from our super clever organic cotton and merino wool blend, which is perfect for regulating your baby's body temperature in different environments. Merino wool sleeping bags for babies are a popular choice among parents. At Mello Merino, we didn't just make our merino wool sleeping bag out of natural wool fibres by accident. We know that your baby will have a much longer and more sound sleep when their body temperature is regulated throughout the night, which means the whole family benefits.

Mello sleeping bags are perfect for all seasons and environments. When you shop for this sleeping bag, you can trust that it will keep your baby WARM in cooler conditions and COOL when it's warmer. Merino’s unparalleled ability to “breathe” means it helps regulate your baby’s temperature. So you can use it all year round with peace of mind that your baby is at a safe and regulated body temperature throughout their sleep.

This particular weight sleeping bag is perfect through all of winter and the shoulder seasons at room temperatures of between 18-30 degrees.

Here’s a useful guide for added layering:

At 18 degrees, we’d recommend it be worn with two layers of merino, a singlet, plus a long sleeve merino.

At 20 degrees, we’d recommend it be worn with one layer of merino, a long sleeve like an all-in-one or onesie.

At 22 degrees, we’d recommend it be worn with one layer of merino, like singlet merino.

At 30 degrees, we’d recommend it be worn with just a nappy.

Anything below 18 degrees it would need an added blanket on top.

Blended with organic cotton, our merino wool sleeping bags are lightweight, breathable, soft, and wonderfully warm. Trust us, with the benefit of a long restful sleep, you will no doubt love our Mello sleeping bags as much as we do.

mello merino sleeping bags designed for a restful and sound sleep

At Mello Merino, we want to help you make sure your baby is sleeping soundly at night. Shop our beautiful collection of sleepsuits, sleeping bags, onesies and more today.

Super breathable

A merino sleep sack from NZ gives your little Mello a restful night's sleep. Unlike synthetic fibres, sleeping bags made from merino are fabulously moisture-wicking, keeping babies dry and comfortable throughout the night. This is super essential for our wee ones, as it takes time for them to learn how to regulate their own body temperature!

Scrumptiously warm

Another advantage of our sleeping bags is their warmth. Merino wool fibres are naturally insulating because they can trap air, which means your merino baby sleeping bag will help keep your mini Mello warm. Plus, our sleeping bags make the most of a unique property called "thermo-regulation". That means they absorb, store, and release heat, depending on what your baby needs.

In other words, sleeping in merino will keep your baby cool in summer and warm in winter - ideal for helping your little one stay comfortable at night in a range of temperatures and climates.

Naturally good

What do we mean by naturally good? As if breathability and warmth weren't amazing on their own, merino wool contains natural properties that will help protect your baby from all sorts of nasties!

Being hypoallergenic, our mini sleep sack NZ is perfect for babies and their sensitive skin! That also means a merino sleeping bag resists odour and does not need to be washed as frequently as other materials - ideal for busy parents.

Incredibly, Merino wool is naturally fire-resistant which is why it is the best and safest material for babies' sleepwear, especially sleeping bags. It has the highest burn point in the fabric kingdom and when it does burn it doesn’t melt or stick. Interestingly, this is why it is the fibre of choice for firefighters and first responders.

Product Care

Our merino baby sleeping bags are easy to care for and machine washable. We recommend using a wool detergent and washing it in warm or cold water - it's not only better for the fibres but also better for the skin of your baby. We also suggest avoiding bleach or fabric softeners, which can damage the wool fibres.

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Your baby will sleep so well in our sleeping bags. A fantastic choice for parents looking for a breathable, warm, and hypoallergenic option for their child's sleepwear, our merino-cotton sleeping bag is ideal for mini Mellos.

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