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sustainable style: how merino is leading the way in ethical fashion

sustainable style: how merino is leading the way in ethical fashion

Merino wool is the most amazing natural fibre for its comfort and functionality. Each fibre is meticulously refined by the rugged landscapes of its origin. Merino wool is a testament to the harmony between nature and innovation. This wool fibre comes from the ancient Merino sheep, believed to have originated from the harsh climates of Spain. These animals are recognised for their ability to survive in a variety of climates. Merino Wool is well known for producing extra-soft wool that’s perfect for clothing, like super fine and versatile Merino sweaters.

New Zealand Merino wool is simply the best merino wool in the world. Why? Because New Zealand has a climate of extreme conditions and our farmers take the utmost care in looking after their sheep. Therefore they produce fantastically happy and healthy sheep.

It’s no surprise that happy, healthy sheep produce the best wool as the animal is under very little stress. This super fine and sustainably grown fibre is safely shorn from the sheep for its fleece and transformed through a number of processes into beautiful and comfy clothing that you can enjoy yourself.

Along with being soft and lovely to wear, Merino wool is also a sustainable fibre. So you can feel like you are doing great by our planet, when wearing your gorgeous Merino sweater. 

Wool is a renewable resource. Merino sheep produce a new fleece every year and one fleece makes up to ten mello merino sweaters! 

Ethical fashion is clothing that is produced in a way that focuses on reducing harm to people, animals and the planet. If you love fashion, then you may have heard of ‘fast fashion’ or ‘disposable fashion’. These are terms given to clothing that is designed for short term use or high turnover clothing. At mello merino we believe in buying less and choosing well. Choosing quality over quantity, therefore finding products that offer durability so that it can be worn and past on.

This is why Merino sweaters are such a great option for people who care about the environment. They are durable and are an eco-friendly choice. Merino wool is perfect for slow, sustainable fashion.

To put it simply, Merino clothing is good for the planet:

  • It’s Sustainable. Merino wool production is sourced in a way that’s kind to our environment and to the sheep who grow the wool. You won’t need to worry about where the material in your sweater came from because you’ll know it was grown by happy sheep who are healthy and receiving the respectful care they deserve.
  • There’s Less Waste. On top of being a renewable resource, Merino wool is extremely durable. This means that our gorgeous Merino sweaters will stand the test of time. Clothing waste is a significant problem caused by fast fashion, so investing in classic pieces that you can wear for years is a good step to reducing waste. 

Why Merino Sweaters Are Great For You!

Merino wool is great for the planet, and it’s also an excellent choice for you! Choosing Merino sweaters is the best, because it’s your way to conciously buy with no strings attached. You can look stunning, feel amazing and know you’re doing your part to encourage sustainability and ethical fashion practices.

Merino wool clothing is so amazing for people like you because:

  • It’s Soft And Fine.  Its delicate and soft texture makes you feel instantly cared for. Its comfort simply cannot be overstated! Luxuriously-cosy wool makes for luxuriously-cosy sweaters. Even people with sensitive skin can happily wear Merino sweaters. This wool is hypoallergenic and very soft, meaning it can be safely worn by people with allergies or eczema.
  • It’s Temperature-Regulating. The fine fibres of Merino wool create a barrier of protection over your skin, which traps air. This means that it holds your body heat and can keep you toasty when it’s cold out. This doesn’t just work for heat, either - it can also keep you cool when it’s hot out. Talk about versatility!
  • It’s Moisture-Wicking. It’s hard to be happy and comfy when you feel clammy and damp! Merino wool is naturally moisture-wicking, which means that it moves sweat and other kinds of moisture away from your skin and to the fabric’s surface.
  • It’s Extremely Durable. With how fine the fibres are, you might wonder if Merino wool damages easily. Merino wool clothing is surprisingly durable. It will last for many, many years and is sure to become a loved staple of your wardrobe. Be sure to follow our care guide to keep your favourite Merino sweater in good condition!

How You Can Enjoy These Stunning, Super Comfy Sweaters Yourself

You want to do your part for the planet, but you still want to look good - so choose Merino wool clothing! We at Mello Merino have a great selection of beautiful and sustainable clothing for; women, girls, boys and babies. The perfect clothes for those who care about quality and care about our planet.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by reaching out to hello@mellomerino.com. We would love to connect!

Make smart choices and look gorgeous at the same time with Mello Merino.