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top 10 newborn baby essentials

top 10 newborn baby essentials

As a new parent it can be quite overwhelming when it comes to deciding on what essentials to purchase for your new baby and understanding what you truly need. All parents want to give their newborn baby the absolute best start in life. There are so many options that choosing the perfect products can be intense, but exciting, rewarding and fun too!

We’ve compiled our top 10 list of essentials that we hope will help you in your decision making.

A great place to start of course are a few essential NZ merino baby clothes from our stunning mini mello collection.

Choosing the right clothes can help your baby enjoy sound and restful sleep throughout the day and night. Sleep plays such an important role in your baby’s development, both cognitive and physical growth.

But what should you be purchasing? There are so many choices to make and so many options to think about. What products should you consider for your beautiful and precious newborn baby?

Read on to learn more about our recommendations of what you might need and a few things to consider as you shop.

10 items you’ll need for Your New Baby

Among all the things you can buy for your baby, here are ten essentials that we would suggest:

1. Onesies. Designed to be worn all day every day, our mello merino range of onesies are cosy and practical, especially when babies start to move and roll. Onesies are made to comfortably cradle your baby in beautifully soft merino wool. Merino wool onesies will help in ensuring your baby has a restful and sound sleep. Mello onesies are available in 3 different styles depending on your needs. The all-in-one opens up through the centre front making nappy changing easy peasy. The sleepsuit has built-in hand and foot covers which some parents love for added warmth and to reduce scratching, and the onesie can be worn for sleep or play, day time or night time.
2. Bodysuits. These are an ideal base layer and a must have for newborn and young babies, you will want to purchase more than one! Perfect on their own for warm summer days or as an underlayer during the winter. These bodysuits will keep your baby warm and cosy plus are super practical as they keep your baby's lower back warm by fastening under the bottom. These designs of NZ merino baby clothes are an easy layering piece, giving you confidence your baby will stay at a regulated temperature.

3. Baby Hats. For newborns, a large amount of heat is lost from their head due to the large skin surface area, so it’s a great idea to protect your baby's head and keep in the warmth with a mello hat. These cute mini hats are double layered with a deep hem band so that it holds firm to the head. It’s a must have piece, especially for your newborn baby.

4. Sleep Sacks. These are a must have purchase for sleep time. Mello Merino sleeping bags will give your baby a snug and cuddly feeling whilst helping to regulate their body temperature so they sleep more soundly and for longer! Mello sleep sacks are made from an organic cotton and merino wool blend which is a great weight, easy to care for and dries quickly. This sleep sack can be used year-round by adding or removing layers of clothing depending on the room temperature. It’s common for parents to worry when their newborn is sleeping, but with one of these sleep sacks you can be confident your baby will sleep restfully.

5. Car Seat Capsule. A car seat is one of your biggest purchases and so important to get it right to ensure your baby is safe when travelling in the car. This rear-facing capsule from Britax is isofix compatible, which makes it super easy to remove and insert, and is available in 2 sizes. Be sure to consult with a specialist before purchasing, they will offer installation too!

6. Pram. When buying a pram, it’s a good idea to think about what you will be doing and what your needs are; strolling through the city or local park, running in the bush or will you be in and out of the car a lot. Our pram of choice is from Edwards & Co, an innovative New Zealand pram design brand. We love this pram as it is lightweight, easy to fold, wheels have enough tread to handle gravel tracks and we love the look and style. Your child will be cosy in their NZ merino baby clothes while they safely sit in their oscar M2 and take in their surroundings.

7. Moses Basket. This is the most gorgeous moses basket, aka sleep nest by Woolkins. It is made from 100% wool which is of course why we love it! It is high-density felt, a super simplistic yet thoughtful design, ensuring that your baby is fully cupped when sleeping and when carried. Woolkin also offers the cutest wool felt and wooden toys that we’re certain you will love!

8. Merino Hand Knitted Blanket. These are the most gorgeous merino wool blankets and shawls by Heirloom Baby. Inspired by delicate crochet and vintage knits from the past, and given a modern and timeless appeal. wrap your baby up, keep them warm, gaze at them. These are a beautiful keepsake to be handed down from one generation to the next.

9. Skin Care. When choosing skin care for your baby’s delicate skin it is so important to choose natural products without harmful chemicals. Ethos is made with naturally-fermented single origin virgin coconut oil, how good does this sound! With baby skin care products from Ethos, you will not only be caring for your baby’s skin in the best possible way, you will also be supporting Cambodian coconut growers!

10. Biodegradable Nappies. When your little one enters the world, Terra nappies will protect their delicate skin with gentle biodegradable nappies. They offer 12+ hours of breathable dryness and protect against nappy rash. They are dermatologically rated ‘excellent’ and are suitable for all skin types. Gentle on your baby and gentle on the planet, that’s a win!

What To Remember When Buying Newborn Baby Clothing

When you buy any baby product, always consider the following:

Safety. Your child relies on you for everything, so do your best to provide them with products designed to be as safe as possible. Avoid products that are not thoughtfully designed, for example; unsecured fasteners or loose drawcords. Plus, buying products without harmful chemicals.

Fabrics. NZ merino baby clothes are one of your best options because merino wool offers so many benefits in allowing your baby to be comfortable and have good quality sleep. If choosing between natural and synthetic fibres, always choose natural! Natural fibres allow your baby’s skin to breathe therefore avoiding moisture against the skin and possible skin irritation. If you can, choose organic fibres as they are farmed and processed without any harmful chemicals

Where To find Cosy, Safe And Cute Clothes In New Zealand

Mello Merino is your go to merino kids clothing brand for Merino baby clothes in NZ. We use only the best merino wool to create our beautiful, comfy clothes for ages newborn to 8 years old. Visit our online store to choose some new merino wool baby clothes from New Zealand.

If you’d like some help making your choices, or if you have any questions about our products, please contact us at hello@mellomerino.com.

Make your baby’s start in life the cosiest and calmest with Mello Merino.