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why merino wool is best for your kids

why merino wool is best for your kids

If you're looking for high-quality children's clothing made from natural materials, you've probably heard of merino wool. This fantastic wool is well known for its properties that make it comfy, soft and easy to wear. Merino kids clothing is something that every parent should consider because it can offer you advantages that synthetic clothes just can’t.

Why should you choose merino wool clothes? Keep reading to learn about the following:

  • The Health Benefits Of Merino Wool.
  • Why Merino Wool Clothing Is A Popular Choice for baby’s, kids and adults.
  • Where You Can Go To Fill Your Wardrobe With Stylish, Comfy Merino Wool Clothes. 

Top Reasons Why Merino Wool Is A Fantastic Material For Children's Clothes

So, what are the specific reasons why you should buy merino clothing for your children?

Some of the best benefits of this amazing natural material are:

It's More Breathable Than Synthetic Materials. Merino kid's clothing is far more breathable and therefore comfortable than most clothing made from synthetic fibre. This breathability helps your children regulate their body temperature without becoming uncomfortably, clammy or damp. 

If your child loves to run and play, merino wool clothes are the perfect choice for them. They will be comfortable while staying warm and dry.

It's More Odour-Resistant Than Synthetic Clothes. It's not uncommon for kids to smell a little unpleasant after a good energetic playing session, but did you know that you can help your child fight off these not-so-nice smells with merino kids clothing? Merino wool traps and dissipates moisture, which helps to prevent smells from building up and staying in their clothes. 

Merino Wool Clothes Are Lighter And Easier To Wear. Merino wool is an excellent natural material that's super light weight. It’s amazingly warm for being so light weight due to the natural crimp in the fibre trapping air, naturally clever eh!

So, if it's chilly out, it's easy to layer merino clothing without uncomfortably weighing your child down. Your child can stay toasty and warm with their merino kid's clothes without feeling overwhelmed with too many clothes.

Merino Wool Is Soft And Warm. The incredible natural structure of merino wool fibres traps heat very efficiently - far more efficiently than flat synthetic fibres. Even if you're only wearing one layer of natural merino wool, you'll undoubtedly feel the comforting warmth of this incredibe material.

Lots of kids don't enjoy being bundled up too tightly because too many layers can make them feel stuffy and restricted. Merino kids clothes can help your child stay light, warm and does not restrict their movement. 

Clothing Made From Merino Wool Can Reduce The Symptoms Of Eczema. Eczema is a condition that can result in uncomfortably dry skin. People who suffer from this condition may have trouble finding suitable clothing that doesn't irritate their skin or trigger their symptoms. 

If your child has eczema, you should strongly consider buying them some high-quality merino wool clothing. Breathable merino wool can act as a buffer between your child's skin and outside elements, almost acting as a second skin.

This extra layer of protection can reduce your child's eczema symptoms and help them stay happily comfortable. Studies have shown that fine merino wool clothing can improve the lives of people with eczema. 

On the other hand, synthetic materials, like nylon and polyester, do not have these benefits. These materials aren't as breathable and can cause unpleasant irritation.

How Merino Wool Is Good For The Planet

All of the above-listed benefits are fantastic reasons to choose merino kids clothing. Still, there is another benefit that you should know about when you select clothing made from this natural material - merino wool is a great environmentally-friendly choice!

As you know, merino wool comes from merino sheep. The sheep grow the wool, the fleece is taken from the sheep and turned into clothing, and eventually, the clothing can be composted after it's been enjoyed for many years and is ready to be discarded. This cycle is natural and doesn't introduce harmful artificial waste into the environment. Instead, we enjoy the benefits of this wonderful material and then it can return to the earth. 

On the other hand, synthetic materials full of plastics and other artificial and man made substances aren't as easy to dispose of. These materials do not break down as quickly and can stick around for a long, long time.

wear wool, not fossil fuel.

What can we do to make our world better? To start, you can choose to buy products and clothes made of natural materials, like merino kids clothes. These small steps build up and help us move towards a better future for our whanau.

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