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the best merino wool base layers for kids and toddlers

the best merino wool base layers for kids and toddlers

When the weather turns a bit cooler, it's time to make sure your children are layering up in the right clothes, so that they keep warm and happy.

Merino kids clothes are a fantastic choice for any family because merino wool has naturally soft, warm and breathable qualities to keep your children warm, toasty and not sweaty, wherever their next adventure takes them.

Breathable merino is the best way to build a layering system for your kids to ensure they are comfortable and warm. Read on to find the best ways to layer clothes for your kids to ensure they are comfortable in all weather conditions. Read more - Layering basics to keep kids cosy 

  • What styles of 100% Merino wool clothing you should look for as a warm and cosy base for your child's outfit.
  • How you should layer your children's outfits in order to keep them as comfortable and safe as possible, even if it's really chilly outside.
  • Where you should go for some of the best Merino kids' clothing in New Zealand. 

Merino Wool base and mid layers For Your Children

The first layer or base layer of your children's outfit is the most vital layer because it's the one that's closest to their skin. If the base layer is uncomfortable, your child will be uncomfortable. Many children don't like wearing too many layers and they certainly won't like it if the layer touching their skin is scratchy and itchy. 

This is exactly why 100% Merino Wool is the best material for the base layer. It is super soft against the skin and therefore will not itch and it is breathable, therefore will aid in regulating your child's body temperature and avoid sweat and clamminess. 

For a base layer, consider starting with a super practical long sleeve tee. Long sleeve tees are a great choice because they fully protect your child's arms and torso. They can enjoy the soft feel of natural Merino wool even if they are wearing several layers on top of their tee. 

We have a stunning range of tops in our Mello Merino store that come in a variety of colours and designs, check out our Miss Tops or Master TopsThese tees are available for children aged two to eight years old.

Another great option for babies is to add a Merino Wool singlet under the long sleeve tee. This gives added warmth if needed on a colder day plus it is fastened under the bottom so will therefore keep the lower back super warm if the tee rides up when the baby is moving. See our Baby Clothing/Singlet Bodysuit

Once you have your soft and cosy Merino kids base layer, you will need to consider a mid layer. Many parents like to focus on comfort and softness for their base layers and practicality for their mid and outer layers. 

A great option for mid layers is to find something that's made of a heavier weight cotton and Merino wool blend. This blend has the softness of Merino wool on the inside and the durability and thickness of cotton on the outside.

For example, the slouch hoodie from our miss and master collection is designed to be comfortable and warm. See our Miss tops / Slouch Hoody. This hoody is the perfect piece to layer over your kid's favourite Merino long sleeve tee. Look at our Master / Slouch HoodyIt’s so super comfy, like throwing a blanket over your shoulders but way more practical! 

Helpful Tips That Every Parent Should Know When Layering Their Children's Clothes

Even once you've sorted your children with a few Merino layers, there are still some other layering tips that could help you out. Think of these tips as you dress your children for those cold winter days:

Know The Importance Of Layers And Materials. Layering is a practical way of easily controlling your children’s body temperature. Layering creates air pockets to trap in heat. Merino Wool is the best material to choose due to its softness, breathability and temperature regulating properties. It’s also super light weight so your kids won’t feel like the abominable snowman and will be able to move freely wearing their layers.  

Remember The 'You Plus One' Rule. Many parents like to employ the 'you plus one' rule. This rule simply means that you should give your child one more layer than you have. Read 5 tips for dressing your kids in winter. For example, if you are wearing two layers, give them three. This is because children tend to get colder much more quickly than adults do, so they often need more layers. Make sure your child has enough Merino kids clothing and layers to stay comfy, dry and warm during daytime and at night. 

Don't Forget The Outer Layer. This layer protects your children from the elements such as wind, rain and snow. Depending on the weather you will need wind resistant or waterproof plus breathable shells. Here are some great options from some of our favourite brands; Crywolf play jacket, Macpac Kids’ jetstream rain jacket and Therm SplashMagic jacket

Add Accessories For Added Warmth. Gloves, hats, headbands and neck warmers offer another layer of warmth. These pieces can make or break an outdoor adventure with children when it is cold and possibly windy. Even if your child has the cosiest tops and bottoms, they'll be unhappy if their head and hands are chilly too!

Consider topping off the layering system with a comfy hat to keep their head nice and toasty. Look at our Slouch hat ink or a cosy headband to keep ears warm.

For their hands, you can find them a cosy pair of gloves to keep them warm from our friends at icebreaker. 

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