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why babies sleep better in merino wool clothing

why babies sleep better in merino wool clothing

Merino Wool is a great choice for clothing due to its super soft fibre and organic qualities. But did you know that dressing your baby in clothing made from merino wool can actually help them have a much better quality sleep, plus sleep for longer?

Children need a good amount of sleep every night in order for them to grow up healthy. A study by the University of Sydney Australia has shown that children who sleep in this incredible material have an easier time regulating their body temperature and fall asleep much quicker.

So, how can clothing made of Merino Wool help children sleep better? Read on to learn:

  • What is merino wool and why you should choose to dress your baby in merino wool clothing.
  • Why merino wool helps your child sleep better.
  • Where you can buy comfortable and premium merino wool sleepwear for your child in New Zealand.

What Is Merino Wool?

Merino Wool is a 100% naturally engineered fibre grown by the mighty Merino Sheep. It’s an incredibly unique year-round fibre that insulates against cold, yet keeps you cool in warmer weather. Merino sheep survive in very rugged conditions both in the cold of winter and the heat of summer. The fibre is superfine and soft therefore does not itch against the skin like standard wool can, making it extremely comfortable and soft to wear. 

Merino Wool reacts to changes in body temperature and the environment. Merino fibres are naturally insulating, keeping children nice and toasty when it’s cold yet has the ability to release moisture to keep them cool and comfy in warmer conditions.

Top Reasons Why Merino Wool Helps Your Child Sleep Better

Modern science still struggles to emulate the clever natural properties of superfine merino wool fibre. Merino fibre is one tenth the thickness of a human hair. This fineness combined with its natural crimp creates millions of tiny air pockets that traps air to insulate your baby on cooler nights. Merino Wool will also absorb moisture and release it into the air, making sure your baby doesn’t wake up hot or sweaty. Read more Wool and sleep health
  1. It Helps Your Child Regulate Their Body Temperature. This magical fibre helps to control your baby's body temperature ensuring your baby doesn’t overheat or get too cold. Studies show that baby’s dressed in Merino wool sleepwear go to sleep quicker and have a better quality sleep compared to baby’s dressed in other fibres.
So, merino wool clothing is a great choice for sleep time. Who wouldn’t want their baby’s to sleep for longer and have a great quality sleep?  
  1. It Is Eczema And Allergy Friendly. Merino wool is proven to reduce eczema and is allergy friendly. The fibre has the ability to release moisture meaning there is no clamminess or sweat against the baby's skin. Read Merino wool good for kids with eczema
  1. It's Comfortable Against Their Skin. Merino fibres are so super fine they are one of the softest and most delicate fibres to have against your baby’s skin. Having your baby wearing merino wool gives you the confidence they won’t experience skin irritation or feel itchy and therefore will have a sound sleep.
Babies are less likely to become fussy when they're cosy in their merino wool sleepwear and will therefore have a more restful sleep.
  1. It's Breathable. Clothing made from merino wool is breathable. It has the ability to allow sweat or moisture to escape to the outside therefore allowing complete comfort. Your baby will not become clammy or possibly damp from sweat, whether sleeping or playing. 

    Other benefits of Merino Wool for parents

    1. It's Easy To Wash And Care for. Merino wool garments are easy to care for. They can be machine washed on a warm or cold cycle with other garments that are of similar colour. It is recommended to use a wool detergent to avoid harsh enzymes that are sometimes present in some standard washing detergents, this prevents holes from appearing. It’s odour resistant, therefore should not require as much washing. The natural ability of merino fibres to absorb and release moisture helps to keep your garments odour free. 
    1. It's A Very Safe Material. Merino wool is naturally fire-resistant which is why it is the best and safest material for babies' sleepwear. It has the highest burn point in the fabric kingdom and when it does burn it doesn’t melt or stick. Interestingly, this is why it is the fibre of choice for firefighters and first responders. Read Science backs wool for first responder clothing
    1. It's a Natural Choice. Merino Wool is a completely natural fibre that is both biodegradable and renewable. It’s the best choice for you, your baby and the planet. You can be confident knowing you're making a smart, environmentally friendly choice when investing in Merino wool clothing. 

    Where You Can buy Amazing Merino Wool Clothing For Your Children

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