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why I love mello merino for myself and my kids

why I love mello merino for myself and my kids

Our team at Mello absolutely loves to connect with our amazing customers. It’s such a thrill for us to hear how our clothing can support and change the way people feel about themselves and the confidence it gives them in clothing their families.

We had the pleasure of chatting recently with the talented and ever so lovely Anna Junghenn from Married by Friends. Anna has been a fan of Mello for quite a few years now, having dressed her gorgeous twins and now herself in our gear. We wanted to find out a little bit more about her life in Wanaka and what she loves about Mello Merino.

Tell us a bit about you and your life in Wanaka

I feel so fortunate to be living in the most breathtaking town of Wanaka. We are surrounded by mountains and stunning nature that is our playground, and I appreciate it everyday. It’s what brings me joy and inspires me in my family life and as a photographer, and wedding celebrant. My days are full of capturing those special moments of love and joy, while also juggling the chaos, fun and full life with four energetic kids, including twins!

Connecting with people and sharing in their joy is what inspires me, which is why I absolutely love my work as a marriage celebrant. I feel very honoured to be part of one of those days in people's lives that will be with them forever.

When did you first discover Mello Merino?

I enjoy sharing aspects of my life on Instagram and use this platform to connect with people on a personal level and for business. I came across Mello on Instagram when the twins were young and I loved the look of the brand. Living in the South Island and understanding the amazing benefits of merino wool, especially through winter, plus seeing the aesthetics of the brand, really caught my eye. So, I messaged them.

I have collabed with Mello a number of times over the past few years and have enjoyed sharing images of the kids wearing their gear. Mello products are so well used in our household and have stood the test of time. My kids, like most kids, wear their clothes hard so it has been great to find a merino wool brand whose quality is premium and products are durable.

Why I Love Mello Merino For Myself And My Kids

How would you describe the overall feel of Mello Merino products and the brand?

I love the aesthetic of Mello and how each season they tell a story through the range of prints they design. Our kids loved the spin on Star Wars last season! The overall feel of the product is like wrapping my kids in a big warm hug. The hand feel is super soft and we love the addition of the cotton/merino pieces, giving extra durability and chunkiness. The kids are happy, no complaints of itchiness and I’m totally confident they will keep warm and won’t overheat. I much prefer the kids wearing a natural product, it makes me feel like I am doing the best for them and for the environment. 

Mello has a laid back vibe and is also timeless. I can tell a lot of thought has gone into the design details, with playful little characters that make the kids look like the coolest little adventurers. It's all about making them feel comfy and confident, while also being eco-friendly and super-durable. I totally trust this brand and was over the moon when they brought out a women’s sweater last season!

What have been some of your favourite mello products for the kids?

I love that the baby range is mostly unisex, so with the twins I could dress them in either of the outfits. We love the pieces with any of the prints as I see that as added value and sets it apart from other brands, making them really unique. The kids love the cotton/merino pieces, especially the hoody. It has the kangaroo pocket which they love putting their hands in. The stripey pieces are always a favourite of mine, it’s a clean and classic look, and either of the twins looked so cute in their breton stripe.

What is it about your Mello sweater that you love?

I absolutely love the feel of my Mello sweater. With the merino on the inside it feels like I’m wrapping myself up in a blanket when I put it on. It’s most definitely my go-to especially when I arrive home from a busy day and I just want to slip into something comfy. But I do find it’s super versatile and I have worn it more dressed up with a skirt and winter boots. I love the orange colour, it lifts my mood and makes me feel happy! Sometimes my oldest, Paige, sneaks the sweater to wear too!

We loved chatting with Anna and having her share her experience of Mello Merino with us. It’s been so nice for us as a brand to watch her beautiful family grow up through the years and wear our product, thank you Anna!

If you would like to be in contact with Anna you can find her @justusjunghenns or www.marriedbyfriends.co.nz. If we were living in the Queenstown area and getting married again (!), she would definitely be our choice of a marriage celebrant, super kind, relaxed, outgoing and a bit cheeky!

Photo credit: @sundayfolkstills

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